Kuanysh Shonbay «The business first of all – education»

b423b53bb5af5eaabdf52d2e19758f86.26.40Kuanysh Shonbay- He is businessman.
Kuanysh very popular person in Kazakhstan. He has restourant network Madeni, Rumi.
He started his business 2 years old.
He said: «I started my business 2 years ago. I didn’t know how to do business. So I went to Russia for learn do restaurant business. There are I learn more thing. I learn founder Dodo pizza Fedor Ovshenikov. So I started. I think education it’s very important thing. When I started Rumi, I worked with high gualifay peoples. It’s true, I pay them more money. But you want your bususiness will successful , you can pay them.»
Today he is successful person. He doing business and very important one thing.
He has show program about business in national channel Kazakhstan. It is help him for famous person.


Enlik Abdikadyr – young businesswomen


Enlik Abdikadyr – she is young business women in Kazakhstan. 22 years old.
Her business about magazine, producing. Her started your
She started her business when was student. She gradueted Al Farabi National University.
When was 20 years old she began business. She create art studio, name of «AEN» . This studio worked with singers, dancers and a lot of art people. They are worked events, toi( kazakh national tradition when girl and boy married , their events called » Toi»)
This is first Enlik’ business. At the moment she studing 3 course.
This time she doing business and studing, paralell worked cheff redactor anywone magazine. But soon magazine closed. Then Enlik buy this magazine.
So she changed name of magazine, called «Dream come true».
This magazine write about kazakh famous people success story. Expecially singers, art- producers.
So today she director of «AEN» production and founder magazine «Dream come true»
She said dream come true. We should work hard and belive in dreams.

The business trainer – Akhmetbek Nursila


Akhmetbek Nursila is  55 years old. Head of Business School «Бизнес бастау».  The owner of the sausage complex «Schwab sausages». An entrepreneur who raised the furniture factory in Pavlodar under the trademark «Heaven House». In 2001 he was a member of the Council of Entrepreneurs under the President of Kazakhstan. Owner and CEO of Kumkol Shubat Production Company «Sarzhailau». He is the founder of the tailoring plant. Urzhar meat factory was raised from bankrupt. The shareholder of «Pestitsidy» LLP fertilizer sales company.

The more information in this video:

photo: personal page of Akhmetbek Nusila

Arman Suleimenov «Be so good, they can’t ignore you»

Our country IT tecnology is growing. Today I want to tell you one very important person. He is very popular in Kazakhstan about IT tecnology.  He graduated of the Master’s program at Princeton University, has experience working in Silicon Valley startups. so when he back to Kazakhstan he started his business. He  founded of the school «TheSummerStartupSchool.com: from img_03472the idea to the original iPhone app for 8 weeks» in Kazakhstan and the creator of the course «Startup art: from idea to realization in 4 weeks» at Nazarbayev University. Today a lot of IT professional persons students studied at this school. Our country, we call him «the second Steve Jobs».  Arman said to young businessman «Be so good, they can’t ignore you»


Young businessman – Arman Toskanbayev

Arman Toskanbaev – founded a successful brand «Otan» watch, director of United business group

Arman was born in 1991. After school I entered Tomsk State University, specializing in «Flight Dynamics, Rocketry», but already in the second year I dropped out and started selling lumber.

In 2013 he worked in telecommunication company LLP «Sean-Bee» in the post of acting director. In 2014, founded together with partners the company TOPFLIGHT, which was engaged in training entrepreneurship. In the same year, he founded the «Kazakhstan Association of Young Entrepreneurs», Ulyanovsk, to help young start-ups.

In 2014, Arman won a grant of KZT3 million under the Business Road Map 2020 program for the Hydroponic Production Project, later founded agricultural companies New Green Technologies and Zertis.

In 2015, Arman founded TOO «United Business Group», which produces the first Kazakhstan watches.

Kazakhstan’s business book TOP -4

1) Kazakhstan dream by Marat Abiyev

This book was released in 2013. There was a bestseller. The author of the book is Marat Abiyev. He is the youngest millionaire in Kazakhstan. He was born not a big family. When the hard 90 years, back ten, he worked in a car wash. His first business started already in school. He sold his own scotch tape. 10 to 23 years he was doing a lot of things. Opened the business, there was a crisis, then closed. These years he saved many experiments. When he turned 23, he was drafted by Forbes, the youngest millionaire in Kazakhstan. In this book he wrote how he reached such a peak. Who helped him? What you should do, to be such a successful person. You this book you can find a lot about success.

2) Make yourself by Serikbay Bisekeev

In the past, I wrote a post about Serikbay Bisekeev. So I will write briefly. The book was published in 2016.

3) The secrets of business mastery by Amanzhol Rysmendiev

Amanzhol Rysmendiev – he is a popular business coach. This is his third book. The book was published recently. Therefore, I have not had time to read

4) From idea to business

Arman Toskanbayev is a young businessman. His business is different. For 17 years he earned his first million. Today he is one of the most famous young businessman in Kazakhstan. This is his first book. The book was published recently.

Kairat Kudaibergen «labor all wins»

Age: 34 years old

Family: He is married and has a daughter and son.

Born: Almaty city

Education: Graduated from secondary school numer 149 in Almaty. After school, he entered the law faculty in the Kazakh Academy of Labor and Social Relations, graduated university with honors. Later, he also graduated with honors the Executive MBA «KIMEP University» (program for managers, master’s degree). Lecturer and member of the forum of leaders «KIMEP University». He studied at the Anglo-Continental School of England in Bournemouth, UK.


Labor omniavincit – labor all wins

Business: founder of the group of companies THS GROUP (construction holding), public figure, member of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs Atameken, member of the council of the national anti-corruption movement Zhanaru, member of the board of trustees of the NGO Student Drill Detachments.

Career: Since 2003, he has worked in various state and commercial organizations, from positions of simple specialist to managerial positions (DAMU, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Defense, Dana Bank, JSC DB «HSBC», MMC «Kazakhaltyn», Construction Corporation «SK Stroy Contract»).


Hobby: He likes football, snowboarding, tennis, golf.

Quotes: Labor omniavincit – labor all wins.

photo from hommes.kz