Kuanysh Shonbay «The business first of all – education»

b423b53bb5af5eaabdf52d2e19758f86.26.40Kuanysh Shonbay- He is businessman.
Kuanysh very popular person in Kazakhstan. He has restourant network Madeni, Rumi.
He started his business 2 years old.
He said: «I started my business 2 years ago. I didn’t know how to do business. So I went to Russia for learn do restaurant business. There are I learn more thing. I learn founder Dodo pizza Fedor Ovshenikov. So I started. I think education it’s very important thing. When I started Rumi, I worked with high gualifay peoples. It’s true, I pay them more money. But you want your bususiness will successful , you can pay them.»
Today he is successful person. He doing business and very important one thing.
He has show program about business in national channel Kazakhstan. It is help him for famous person.


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