Young businessman – Arman Toskanbayev

Arman Toskanbaev – founded a successful brand «Otan» watch, director of United business group

Arman was born in 1991. After school I entered Tomsk State University, specializing in «Flight Dynamics, Rocketry», but already in the second year I dropped out and started selling lumber.

In 2013 he worked in telecommunication company LLP «Sean-Bee» in the post of acting director. In 2014, founded together with partners the company TOPFLIGHT, which was engaged in training entrepreneurship. In the same year, he founded the «Kazakhstan Association of Young Entrepreneurs», Ulyanovsk, to help young start-ups.

In 2014, Arman won a grant of KZT3 million under the Business Road Map 2020 program for the Hydroponic Production Project, later founded agricultural companies New Green Technologies and Zertis.

In 2015, Arman founded TOO «United Business Group», which produces the first Kazakhstan watches.


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